"magic happens when we let our guards down and share the most vulnerable parts of ourselves"

Issha and I have been shooting work for Woodlot for nearly 3 years now.  Our 1st official project together was shooting their 1st candle product shots in the Fall of 2014!  

Part of an on-going blog series for 2017, I've been visiting the "Friends of Woodlot" in their homes with one of Woodlot's founders, Sonia, capturing a glimpse into the home lives of inspirational local Vancouverites and how they make Woodlot a part of their daily rituals.  Founder of Feisty Feast, Julia Khan Anselmo, invited us into her warm West End apartment, teeming with light, plant-life and world charm.  Julia speaks of female empowerment, strengthening community, loving ourselves and embracing our differences.

Read the full blog entry here: Julia Khan Anselmo for Woodlot.