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01: F/Winter 2017

With both their educational backgrounds in Sciences, Alison Page and Issha Marie have found themselves in the visual realm through very different situations. The two met through mutual friends and remarkably similar interests, before partnering up as Page + Paper, to produce work that combines both their strengths and their quirks. While Alison and Issha's respective photographic styles often contrast and differ in both method and execution, the end results of their combined work often complement each other. 

Alison Page’s photographs are often characterized by their candid nature and their bright bursts of colour and light, while much of Issha Marie’s personal photographic works are deeply shadowed and dramatically dark and moody.  They embrace clean lines and minimalism, but both also aim to find beauty in the mess of things and life, so to speak.

The inaugural issue of their biannual magazine project is their current ‘ultimate’ creative outlet for them to showcase their visual storytelling skills outside of their commercial work as food and lifestyle photographers.  The theme of the first issue,"Symbiosis", showcases BC-based talents, makers, and do-ers, The Wild Bunch, Namasthé Tea Company, Four Winds Brewing Co., graphic designer Justin Longoz, Guy Stowell, and Janaki Larsen Ceramics.  With every publication released, Page + Paper hope to bring a unique and fresh Canadian perspective within the international art and food publication realm, highlighting all interesting, meaningful, and thematically-artful stories that happen within their communities and beyond, that engages both the human perception and the five senses.

The Page + Paper publication is currently a self-funded and self-published passion project that both Alison and Issha aim to grow into a full-scale food and art biannual in the very near future.

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