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Who We Are


Alison Page and Issha Marie both come from backgrounds in Science. Both have found themselves in the vast and ever-expanding realm of food and lifestyle concept photography through very different paths and circumstances. The two women eventually met in very serendipitous ways, and their teaming up to form Page + Paper is a natural evolution of their respective journeys.

The name Page + Paper is literally a fusion of their solo ventures: Alison Page Photography and Issha Marie's currently-retired 'Flattened to Fit Paper'. They won their first Applied Arts Award in 2017, for their work in the Araxi: Roots to Shoots cookbook.


Photo Credit: Gillian Stevens

Photo Credit: Gillian Stevens

Though educated and trained as a scientist (she has a Masters in Marine Biology), her eye always wandered from the microscope to the camera lens. In 2014, she left her job to pursue photography full-time. Besides being part of Page + Paper, she also shoots and styles solo projects and endeavours. She lives with her cat-son, Rohe, and her beer-loving, brewmaster husband in a charming, light-filled house in Tsawwassen.



Photo Credit: Alison Page

Photo Credit: Alison Page

Issha Marie is a visual artist, writer, and poet. When she entered university, she enrolled in the Cognitive Sciences and Artificial Intelligence program but dropped out after one year to pursue her true hearts' desire: Visual and Contemporary Art. She graduated from the University of Toronto, where she earned her Honours B.A. in Visual Studies (Studio Practices, with a focus on Intaglio and Analogue Photography) and English Literature. Her current visual art practice explores Trauma and Memory and the current coming-of-age of the feminine mystique with a strong look inside cultural and familial histories. Issha Marie has self-published a small collection of poems and images titled 'Ghost Stories', a project which she has been developing in secret for a decade. She currently resides in Vancouver working as a freelance concept artist for the film industry and as a barista at a coffee shop on top of her Page + Paper projects. She dreams of living in the following places: a) back home in Toronto, in a cute apartment somewhere 'round the Annex , Queen West, or Kensington Market; b) a small house in the country with a proper porch and a small garden - not too far from the city; or c) the Arts District in Los Angeles, in a small loft for one with a cute kitchen, and enough wall space for art and her growing collection of ceramics and artist monographs.




Issue 2: Colour

FEATURES: The Wild Bunch, Chris Dammeyer, Julia Diakow, Andrea Chlebak
Guest Writers: Keagan Perlette.
Milestones: introducing Sophia Ahamed of Monograph and Co. as the newest member of our collective, turning this self-publishing duo into a triad.

issue 1: Symbiosis

FEATURES: Namasthe Tea Company, The Wild Bunch, Four Winds Brew Co., Guy Stowell

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If you live in Vancouver, you can e-mail us to arrange a time and place to pick up your copy of the magazine. For people outside of Vancouver, e-mail us for more information on how to pay. The second issue is $27, the first issue is $15, and both issues together will be $35. It will be $10 flat if shipping anywhere within Canada, and $20 shipping to the US. All prices are in Canadian Dollars.